Letters of THANKS
- Mississauga Community Support -

Letters from those who are thankful for our aid. 

Here are a few of the letters or thank you letters that the MCS has received from those we have helped.
Our help is more then just giving goods & money - it is also how we educate people about what still has value & why.

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Have more,  have to find.

From Mississauga Library & later I put a display of Monarch Butterflies being born as well.
Kids loved it.

From NOLA Labrador Retriever Rescue
{It was in 2012 - and an interesting date at that}


From Timothy Smith at Lowe's School of Music.

From Timothy Smith at Lowe's School of Music.

From the Toronto Wildlife Centre

From The Compass - Food Bank in Port Credit.

A thank You letter from a local handy man who fixes bikes & lawn mowers.
Also, they got a Butterfly Bush to help make Mississauga a more butterfly friendly city.

From Timothy Smith at Lowe's School of Music.
Always glad to be of service
(they were used but no matter).



From the Toronto Wildlife Centre

From the Toronto Wildlife Centre

A special thanks to the people at the church, St. Stephen's on-the-hill,

as the left over items from their garage sale helped buy the gas to drive all the way to
the Downsview Airport to make the delivery to the TWC.

Here are some pictures of how the items donated are put to use.


Transport Kennel Cab uses.



Wood dowels for making the pigeon aviary.


How a plastic jar lid is used as a food dish for a cute little baby Ermine.

From Lakeview Community Church

From Reginald Benoit - July 2013

From the National Academy of Music

From the Port Credit Library for a donation of DVD's,
many cases had more then 1 DVD in them.

From the Friend of the Mississauga Library System.

From the Friend of the Mississauga Library System.

They have a nice Book Store at the Mississauga Central Library.
Go buy a book!


From the Friend of the Mississauga Library System.

In total have delivered some 565
(likely more as some cases had more then 1 DVD in them),
so far to the Mississauga Library system

From  Pastor  Reginald Benoit  -  Nov., 2013



From the Friend of the Mississauga Library System.

In total have delivered some 600
(likely more as some cases had more then 1 DVD in them),
so far to the Mississauga Library system


From the Toronto Wildlife Centre
June 25, 2014






Peel  Art  Gallery,  Museum  and  Archives


The  Metal  Time  Capsule - Treasure  Chest  that was present, which the Peel Archives and Museum removed

what they wanted for their collections and which some items were put on display, just in time for the

50th Anniversary Celebration  -  2018.

That my Father and I were invited to.  All within the scenic old Peel County Court house & JAIL.

First of all, a bit of the layout and its history.

Peel Archives and Museum

The entrance to the Peel Archives from the Museum.


Very odd vib to be in an old thick stone fortress of a jail to see displays of our past and learn about how our communities became our cities in Peel. How our cultures were created as well.

Speaking about our culture these boards speak of how innocent people, the poor, homeless, sick and even children were prisoners.  In one case "The only "crime" he had committed was that of being poor and with out friends."  The doctor noted on the display saw this and often the death that resulted, as being inhumane.  Has our culture really changed or just got better at hiding it or blaming on others to make us feel like it is not our problem to solve or that it even can be ?


Taken during 2018 visit.


General details about the  Metal Treasure Chest - Time Capsule


Opening a Metal Treasure Chest Time Capsule in Mississauga.  The video on YouTube is here. It was done in the basement of the Lakeview Community Church (formerly Lakeview Baptist Church), Dec. 6 - 2015 after our Christmas meal.  Pastor Reginald Benoit can be seen in the second picture, on the right side after most of the items had been removed.


Here are some pictures of the full Metal Treasure Chest Time Capsule without the DC-4 on top.    Lots of old style British Boys adventure books, to instill a taste for war and alike.



2015 and 2017



The Metal Treasure Chest  -  Time Capsule

The items that the Peel Archives and Museum decided to add to their collections and display.

It was noted that some item "showed that Tommie was actively involved in volunteering in the community" 

The Archives were interested in paper items, such as their first letters sealed with a kiss. 

The Museum got the 3D stuff.

DC-4 Stamped metal airplane toy


Stamped metal toy Truck


Stamped metal toy Cap Gun  by the  Last Minute MFG CO.,  of St. Catharines, Ont. 

Love this one really speaks to how things were.


Stamped metal badge - Mosquito Air Cadets

 Workers War Savings Metal Thumbs Up  pin


Metal button Junior Canadian Red Cross


Identification for WWII Airplane Wing Markings wallet card


Ontario Fire Ranger Metal Badge


King George VI Coronation metals  -  1937


Play mask paper


 Coronation Souvenir knife.  Check out the engraving, it says "I Cut My Way"


Kids marbles set

Baby shoes


Stamped metal Happy Days Bank


Cast Fox Terrier


Merry Christmas wrapping paper

LondonToy - An Empire Product toy box - and its cast lead toys





Cigarette Tobacco Tin with Cigarette cards


Rare WWII World Wall map

The pdf of

WWII Air plane Scrapbook 55 pages from news papers and alike.

Please delete after viewing.

Colour card  and  Roy Rogers & Trigger ticket for show


How to Win a Husband card - this kind of thing was popular in the day when

the middle class really had to make an effort to be so & stay so.

Bicycle License Township of Toronto 1942

AVRO Canada pay envelope


Letter  Sealed with a Kiss  to a Cadet - Jul 10-1946


Letter to a Cadet - Jul 5-1946


Post Card - Sept 18-1943


Letter 2  Sealed with a Kiss  to Tommie Preston - Jul 23-1946.

Check out the address on the envelope, just his name and town, everyone knew everyone back in the day.








From the Cooksville Bricks Works, torn down for big Box stores and houses.

Someone's old keep sake that got tossed and I was around to rescue it. 

Now it is in the Peel Museum, where our collective history belongs, for all to enjoy.







PAMA 50th Anniversary Celebration Nov. 3 - 2018. 


Tommie Preston Display

The inviting cards.


The speakers for this event from left to right.

Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria, MPP, Brampton South

Sonia Sidhu, MP, Brampton South

The late William G. Davis, former Premier of Ontario

Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

David Szwarc, then-CAO of Region of Peel

Marty Brent, then-manager of PAMA  -  speaking

Emil Kolb, then-Chair of the Region of Peel

Katherine Chung, then-PAMA board member

Darrin Martens, then-PAMA Art Gallery senior curator

Father seizes the chance to rub shoulder with important government types current and old to joke around.



Tommie Preston Display

Looked around a lot to find it in a old door way (?).

The display sign for the Tommie Preston Display.

The last bit asks the viewer about "gender stereotypes" with "the "typical" toys and interests that a boy would have." for that time and its attitudes.  Makes me wonder how much this display is expected to do.

My Father & I in better times.





Brain Kelly - Artist
 Jan. 6 - 2019

Brain Kelly is an artist - who uses found materials for his sculptures & one day he was driving by my home, he noticed some old siding.
Which he was able to collect to do more of his art.

Michael O'Connell  -  Music teacher & Sketch Music Coordinator
Donated an Marshall Amp to his school at The Sketch music program - Artscape Youngplace  - Toronto

Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame - Lyndwood Hockey Assoc jacket
Mar 31 - 2019

A very one of kind item, likely the only remaining - Lyndwood Hockey Assoc jacket.
Again, discovered while aiding a family clear a home for sale.
The Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame is in the north part of what was once the Mississauga Sports complex but now the Paramount Centre.
Came to take pictures and the jacket was already on display by the main entrance.
The nice lady in charge gave my Father a tour of the displays.


Even found out my friend Fred Loek, photographer at the Mississauga News has been involved with the Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame but has sadly passed on.

Bikes - Bikes - Bikes
July 16 - 2019

A number of loads of bikes were taken into Toronto & donated to the Bike Pirates - a do it yourself repair shop.
Why Toronto?  This great idea is not being done in Mississauga.


Bikes - Bikes - Bikes  &  still more Bikes
July 20 - 2019


Bikes - Bikes - Bikes  &  still more Bikes
Aug. 13 - 2019

Bikes - Bikes - Bikes  &  still more Bikes
Aug. 15 - 2019



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