{ M. C. S. }

Meaningful  recycling  &  sharing
within the community, for the community.

A non-profit group that sets out to support groups in or individuals supported by Mississaugans
that usually don't get government support - projects for the benefit of Mississaugans
- including Arts & Culture -
- people who have served the community or are in need -
for the care and welfare of our feathered and furry friends.

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It came from the Curb !

The night  stalkers in your Neighbourhood !

Letters of THANKS

A must visit !

Barberís Butterfly Banquet.
Officially, the first Internationally Certified & Registered
Monarch Butterfly Migration Waystation in Mississauga.

(Made possible by Mississauga Community Support.)

The general Monarch Butterfly section.
Flowers with Wings


June 24, 2013


Supporting projects like;

Monarch Butterfly Rescue
One project that will be big for 2012 - making Mississauga a more butterfly friendly City by giving
or getting people to plant more Butterfly Bushes.
Monarch Butterflies need our help!

April 2011 - the MCS shows its Recycling Leadership
The reason this undertaking can work is that local government has failed to do the kind of recycling that needs to be done - easily seen by how little community projects funded and how many trucks are driving around grabbing items put out on the curb!

Support of Pet / Animal Care Givers
Our furry friends often get abused or discarded - no matter how much they trust us & it is up to a few to care for them.  They often are short of funds or items that we can spare & MCS is helping them.

Mississauga Library
Yes even the local library has benefited from our support.

Covering Events not getting the Attention Mainstream Media will give

Support of Individuals who have aided our environment & community in its hour of need

If this new and fresh community initiative appeals to you and you want to help
- let us know.
And by all means tell others & people & groups that would benefit from our help.

Also, to help supporters who want their specific donations to go to other specific causes
by turning their donations goods into a more usable currency or directly to those who can benefit from it.

We can be E-mailed at

What are we asking for?

Firstly - we are asking for beer and liquor bottles for their refunds and
save you the effort of returning them.
There are a number of people who just thrown away their empties each week which attracts a number of midnight raiders rifling through your bins for whatever they think they can cash in on.
Well, you if that is not what you want or cleaning up after them - we can help!
By keeping your returnables from the curb side and arranging at pick-up time when there are enough,
will put an end to visits by the two legged raccoons and make the Mississauga community a better place!

Secondly - Recyclables.
Things like books - blankets which are used by animal care givers or their fund raising.
Musical instruments,
anything with an electrical cord / appliances - old computers.

Metals like Iron,  Steel,  Copper (plumbing stuff),  Brass  and  Aluminum,
in all their forms - E-mail or call us to be sure.
Have a basement need to be cleared out or old wine making set-up?

We could be the ones to help you & you help the community!

Items that still work & can be easily resold - not big right now.
A better list will be added in time - so you have contact us first about it and its details.